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Mangayar Thilakam

1955 194’ b&w Tamil d L.V. Prasad p Vaidya Films st C.V. Sridhar dial Valampuri Somanathan m S. Dakshinamurthy lp S.V. Subbaiah, Sivaji Ganesan, Thangavelu, K. Sarangapani, Padmini, M.N. Rajam, Ragini

Vasu (Sivaji), married to the haughty Prabha (Rajan), selects Sulochana (Padmini) as a suitably maternal figure to marry his beloved brother Karunakaran (Subbaiah). She reciprocates by accepting Vasu as her ‘son’ and she treasures his gifts, to the annoyance of Vasu’s wife. Even Vasu and Prabha’s son Ravi seems more attached to aunt Sulochana than to his own mother, and it is his aunt who rushes him to the temple when Ravi falls ill. However, though Ravi is saved, the rush to the temple causes Sulochana to drop dead. When her body is cremated on the funeral pyre, the bangles Vasu had given her remain uncharred by the fire.