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Malamukalile Daivam

aka The God Atop the Hill 1983 111’ col Malayalam d P.N. Menon pc Suryamudra Films s/lyr Kalpatta Balakrishnan c Deviprasad m Johnson lp Sudharani, Master Suresh, Kunjandi, Balasingh, Lakshmi Geetha, Subramanyam, Unni Mary, Sathyendra, Ranjith, Gabriel, Rani Abraham

Symbolic tale set in a tribal village at the foot of the Banasuran Mountains in Kerala. Religious superstition and ignorance maintain stasis in the village. A relentlessly intelligent boy escapes its oppressive confines and later returns, determined to bring enlightenment to the village. The event is represented in terms of a torchlight procession up the forbidding, godguarded mountains shielding the villagers from the ‘outside’.