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Makkalai Petra Maharasi

1957 ? b&w Tamil d K. Somu p Sri Lakshmi Pics. sc A.P. Nagarajan m K.V. Mahadevan lp Sivaji Ganesan, M.N. Nambiar, P. Kannamba, P. Bhanumathi, V.K. Ramaswamy, M.N. Rajam

Angamma (Kannamba) hates her brother the zamindar for driving her husband out of the village. Her son Chengodayyan (Ganesan) sweats in the fields to enable his sister Thangam (Rajam) to come home, which she does in the company of her boyfriend, the zamindar’s educated son Kannan (Nambiar). To persuade their divided family to reunite and give their blessing to the marriage, the young couple feign suicide. The stratagem succeeds. The dramatic climax comes when a rival suitor of Thangam, Mayandi, throws a knife at Chengodayyan but kills Angamma when she shields her son.