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Major Chandrakanth

1966 163’ b&w Tamil d/sc K. Balachander p AVM Prods. c S. Maruthi Rao lyr Vali m V. Kumar lp Sundarrajan, Nagesh, Muthuraman, A.V.M. Rajan, Jayalalitha

When Vimala’s (Jayalalitha) wayward lover Rajnikant (Rajan) is killed by her brother Mohan (Nagesh), the brother is sheltered from the police by the victim’s blind father, Major Chandrakanth (Sundarajan). The major’s elder son, the zealous cop Srikanth (Muthuraman), is in charge of finding Mohan, whom he finally arrests in his own house. Realising that his father knowingly sheltered a murder suspect, Srikanth arrests the blind old man as well. Based on a noted play by Balachander himself, the story was however filmed earlier in Hindi as Oonche Log (1965).