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     1'''Maine Pyar Kiya''' 
     4aka I Have Fallen in Love aka When Love Calls 1989 192’ col/scope Hindi d/sc Sooraj Barjatya pc Rajshri Prod. st S.M. Ahale lyr Asad Bhopali, Dev Kohli 
     5c Arvind Laad m Ram-Lakshman lp Salman Khan, Bhagyashree, Alok Nath, Rajiv Verma, Rima Lagoo, Ajit Vachhani, Harish Patel, Deep Dhillon, Huma Khan, Pervin Dastur, Mohnish Behl, Laxmikant Berde 
     8A typical, very successful rich-boy/poor-girl romance launching the career of 90s star Salman Khan as a teenage hero. The hero, Prem (Khan), falls in love with Suman (Bhagyashree). Obstacles are provided by Krishen (Vachhani), Prem’s businessman father who is also Suman’s guardian. Suman is the daughter of a village motor-mechanic (Nath), which evokes suggestions of class as well as city/country divisions in the love story which initiated the now-popular convention of the slow fade-out on the embrace of the couple’s fathers. The film’s novelty is due mainly to its adoption of advertising imagery: rich, saturated colour effects constantly emphasising surface, trendy costumes (the cooks wear red-check coats), green fields full of footballs, mountainsides of red apples, neon signs, ice falling into glasses of Coke, a heroine with fluffy toys and a leather-jacketed hero who loves motor-bikes, posters of American pop icons (including a poster of Salman Khan himself). The soundtrack, which uses an ‘I love you’ refrain throughout the film, includes the hit song Kabutar ja ja with a carrier pigeon hitching a ride in a car to convey a love letter. The film’s songs broke all sales records. It was dubbed into several languages e.g. Inapravugal (Malayalam, 1991).