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1989 ?’ col Bhojpuri d/co-sc Rajkumar Sharma pc Shiv Ganga Prod. st Ashok Sinha co-sc Narayan Bhandari dial Shiv Munjal lyr Shaktikishore Dubey c Surjeet Cheema m Ram Babu lp Padma Khanna, Sheila David, Pankaj Sharma, Vijay Khare, Hari Shukla, Brijkishore, Narayan Bhandari, Shraddha Sinha

Bhojpuri hit melodrama invoking a Gorky-type mother figure in the village of Karitpur in Central India. She and her family, notably her younger brother-in-law Kundan and her sister- in-law Radha, come up against the evil violence of the young local zamindar who tries to appropriate the village land. One-time Hindi actress Padma Khanna, now a major Bhojpuri star, plays the lead.