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Mahesh Kaul (1911-72)

Hindi director born in Lahore. Educated at Moni College, Nagpur, and worked as a journalist and as branch manager of a bank. Entered films as lyricist and dialogue writer. Début as actor in Abbas-scripted Naya Sansar. Played Dronacharya in Altekar’s mythological, Mahatma Vidur. Also produced his third film as director, Gopinath, featuring Raj Kapoor in one of his first major roles alongside IPTA actress Tripti Mitra. The film presents an influential version of a starkly realist acting idiom in 40s Hindi political melodrama. Worked briefly in Filmistan in mid-50s. Directed Guru Dutt in Sautela Bhai and played the crusty colonial father-in-law in Kaagaz Ke Phool. Scripted Daryani’s Dukh Sukh (1974). Uncle of Mani Kaul.

FILMOGRAPHY (* act only): 1941: Naya Sansar*; 1942: Apna Ghar/Aple? Ghar*; 1943: Mahatma Vidur*; Angoori; 1944: Paristan; 1948: Gopinath; 1951: Naujawan; 1953: Jeevan Jyoti; 1957: Abhimaan; 1958: Aakhri Dao; Talaaq; 1959: Kaagaz Ke Phool*; 1961: Pyar Ki Pyaas; 1962: Sautela Bhai; 1967: Diwana; Palki; 1968: Sapnon Ka Saudagar; 1969: Raakhi Raakhi; 1971: Tere Mere Sapne*; 1973: Agni Rekha.