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Mahaprasthaner Pathey/Yatrik?

1952 137’ b&w Bengali/Hindi? d Kartick Chattopadhyay pc New Theatres st Probodh Kumar Sanyal’s novel dial Mohanlal Bajpai[H] c Amulya Mukherjee m Pankaj Mullick lp Basanta Choudhury, Arundhati Devi, Maya Mukherjee, Tulsi Chakraborty[B], Abhi Bhattacharya[H], Kamal Mitra

Film based on Probodh Kumar Sanyal’s travelogue about his visit, presented as a search for Truth, to the Himalayas and the religious shrines at Kedarnath and Badrinath. Choudhury plays the author in both versions. Arundhati Devi in her film debut plays Rani, the widow on a pilgrimage, while Bhattacharya plays the Brahmachari in the Hindi version. A strongly mystical aura pervades the film, notably in the nature shots. It initiated a trend of pilgrim travel movies (Marutirtha Hinglaj, 1959) revived in the 70s (Bighalita Karuna Janhabi Jamuna,1972; Amrita Kumbher Sandhaney, 1982).