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1993 162’ col Tamil d Santhana Bharathi p S.A. Rajkanna sc/co-dial Kamalahasan co-dial Ra. Ki. Rangarajan c M.S. Prabhu lyr Valim Ilaiyaraja lp Kamalahasan, Rajesh, V.M.C. Hanifa, Poornam Vishwanathan, Sukanya, Vijay, S.N. Lakshmi, Tulasi

Krishna (Kamalahasan), a widower with two children, lives with his mother-in-law (Lakshmi). Having been persuaded by a confidence trickster (Hanifa) to put all his money into a shady company that goes bankrupt, he is jailed, where his children come to visit him accompanied by their grandmother. His cellmate (Vishwanathan) receives visits from his daughter, the nurse Yamuna (Sukanya), and the latter becomes involved with Krishna’s family and looks after them. Upon his release, Krishna finds that his motherin- law has died, his son disappeared and his daughter Kaveri works in a Calcutta brothel, where Krishna and his former cellmate find and rescue her. Distraught by the destruction of his family, Krishna eventually tracks down the con man, whom he blames for all his misfortunes, and murders the man and his accomplices.