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     1'''Madathu Thekepattu Vasudevan Nair  (b. 1934)  
     5Malayalam director born in Kodaloor, Kerala. 
     6Major Malayalam novelist and scenarist. His 
     7first major novel, Nalukettu (1958), contributed 
     8to the renewal of a literary tradition initiated by 
     9Thakazhy Shivashankar Pillai, Basheer and 
     10Uroob in the 50s. Sub-editor of the influential 
     11literary journal Mathrubhoomi (1956); later its 
     12editor (1968-81). Best-known writing addresses 
     13the tensions, incarnated by a central character, 
     14between traditional family structures in the 
     15declining feudal system of the Tharavad (non- 
     16Brahminic matrilineal castes) and economic 
     17development (e.g. Appunni in Nalukettu, 1958, 
     18Govindakutty in Asuravithu, 1962, or Sethu in 
     19Kalam, 1969). The melodrama of feudal 
     20nostalgia, ambivalently presented, had a major 
     21influence on 70s Malayalam cinema (e.g. 
     22Vincent and Sethumadhavan) and was one 
     23of the major forces behind the P.N. Menon/ 
     24P.A. Backer breakthrough into realist cinema 
     25with Olavum Theeravum (1969). First film as 
     26director, Nirmalayam, is an influential 
     27contribution to the ‘literary’ version of 70s New 
     28Indian Cinema. He directed only four more 
     29films, all based on his own stories. Currently 
     30top Malayalam scenarist with independent star 
     31status. Script credits include Murappennu 
     32(1965), Nagarame Nandi (1967) and 
     33Asuravithu (1968) for Vincent; S.S. Rajan’s 
     34Pagal Kinavu (1966); Bhaskaran’s Irutinte 
     35Atmavu (1967); P.N. Menon’s Kuttiyedathi 
     36(1971); Sethumadhavan’s Kanyakumari (1974) 
     37and Oppol (1980). Scripted Hariharan’s 
     38Edavazhiyile Pucha Mindappucha (1979), 
     39Valarthu Mrugangal (1981), Evedayo Oru 
     40Sathru (1983), Vellom (1984), Panchagni 
     41(1986), Nakhakshathangal (1986), Amritam 
     42Gamaya (1987) and Oru Vadakkan 
     43Veeragatha (1989). Also wrote several films 
     44for I.V. Sasi including Aroodam (1983), 
     45Alkoottathil Thaniye (1984), Adiyozhukkukal 
     46(1984), Uyyarangalil (1984); and Prathap 
     47Pothan’s Ruthubhedam (1987), Recently 
     48returned to directing with Kadavu. Aravindan 
     49Vallachira (1991) has a book-length analysis of 
     50his films. 
     53'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1973: Nirmalayam; 1977: 
     54Mohini Attam (Doc); 1978: Bandhanam; 
     551982: Manju; Varikkuzhi; 1991: Kadavu