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aka The Necklace 1994 95’ col Desia d/s P.L. Das p Sushanta Kumar Adhikari lyr Ashok Mishra c Niranjan Dash m Satyanarayan Adhikari lp Hanu Dulari, Satya Mishra, Premalata Dash, Rabi Panda, Naba Panda

Ethnographic fiction film set among the Bondo tribals in the remote Malkangiri district of Orissa. The Bondos are still outside of the national mainstream, and believed (in the colonial classification of Indian tribes) to be homicidal savages. The film features several members of the tribe and tells the story of Lachhim, a tribal who has won a national reputation in archery, who returns to find his reformist efforts thwarted by the villain Mangla as political reform takes on the tones of sexual rivalry. The non-naturalism of the untrained actors (many of whom have been largely unexposed even to viewing cinema) clashes interestingly at times with a documentary-like camera style, but often appears simply awkward.