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Limited Manuski

1995 104’ col Marathi d/sc Nachiket?/Jayoo Patwardhan? pc NFDC, Doordarshan st/dial Shyam Manohar c Navroze Contractor m Milind Chitnavis lp Rajit Kapoor, Gopika Sahani, Ganesh Yadav, Sudhir Joshi, Kishore Kadam, Ravindra Mankani, Meera Panshikar, Purnima Pendse, Lalita Pawar?, Nilu Phule

Comedy set in the Maharashtrian lower middleclasses. Bank clerk Sadanand accidentally runs his motorised bicycle into a funeral procession for an infant child. Two members of the procession, Shrirang and Govind, believe that in this accident Sadanand has ‘wounded the soul’ of the dead baby. For most of the film, the two try to beat up Sadanand, while Sadanand, with the help of his pregnant wife Urmila, fends off this threat. The film introduces a number of characters into this process, and ends when it is revealed that the bereaved parents of the dead infant in the film’s beginning are expecting another baby.