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    1111She was publicized in the Times of India as the first graduate society-lady from Maharashtra. By then she had already made her first major mark as an actress on the silver screen. Chitnis worked at Prabhat Pictures, Pune and Ranjit Movietone before going on to be the leading lady in Bombay Talkies which saw her overtake and outshine [[Devika Rani]]. Her association with [[Bombay Talkies]] shot her to stardom and she made a particularly good partner with Devika Rani's leading man Ashok Kumar. Ashok Kumar was so impressed by her acting abilities that he admitted to having learnt how to speak with his eyes from her. By the mid 1940s her career went downhill as the new leading ladies came in. For 22 years, Chitnis played the mother of the later leading men including Dilip Kumar, often playing an ailing mother or a mother going through hardships and struggling to bring up her offspring. In fact she created the archetype of the Hindi Film mother, which was continued by later actresses. She continued doing films and then emigrated to the United States in the late 1980s to join her children. In 1941, she was the first Indian actress to endorse Lux (soap). She died in Danbury, Connecticut at a nursing home, at age 93. 
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