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Lanka Dhan aka Lanka Aflame 1917 St 3000 ft b&w dlp!s D.G. Phalke pc Phalke Films cTrymbak B. Telang. /pAnna Salunke, Ganpat Shinde, D.D. Dabke

Phalke Films' last production is a mythological retelling of the familiar Ramayana story of Rama's rSalunke) wife Seeta being abducted by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, and Rama's triumph with the aid of men and monkeys. The available footage of the film, 501 ft, offers sophisticated parallel cutting between three spaces: the tulasi platform where Seeta is held captive in Lanka, the villain. Ravana, coming to molest her and the brave Hanuman (Shinde) atop a tree witnessing the tragic scene below. Instead of editing according to a temporal narrative logic,