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Lakshmana Rekha

1984 113’ col Malayalam d I.V. Sasi pc Murali Movies s P.V. Kuriakose lyr Bichu Thirumala c Jayanan Vincent m A.T. Ummar lp Mammootty, Mohanlal, K.P. Ummar, P.K. Abraham, Adoor Bhasi, Seema,

Kalaranjini, Kaviyoor Ponnamma Bizarre Sasi melodrama exploiting the Kerala convention of marriage between cousins. Two brothers, Sukumaran and Sudhakaran both love their cousin Radha. She marries one of them, but her husband has an accident on their wedding night and is paralysed for life. A psychiatrist recommends that the wife has sex with her brother-in-law to solve her emotional problems. The paralysed husband, unable to handle this new development, is then killed by his father in order to end his misery. The father is arrested.