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Lakhachi Goshta

1952 133’ b&w Marathi d Raja Paranjpe pc Gajaraj Chitra co-s/lyr G.D. Madgulkar co-s G.R. Kamat c Bal Bapat m Sudhir Phadke lp Chitra, Rekha, Raja Gosavi, Indira Chitnis, Ravindra, Sharad Talwalkar, G.D. Madgulkar, Raja Paranjpe, Madan Mohan

A poet (Gosavi) loves a kindly radio singer while his painter friend loves the daughter of a millionaire. The millionaire agrees to his daughter’s marriage provided the painter can demonstrate his ability to live in luxury by spending Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100,000) within a month. However, the money he spends keeps making profits. The comedy depends mainly on Madgulkar’s incisive dialogue and a cast including several well-known Marathi comedians such as Gosavi and Talwalkar. Gosavi, a former bank clerk, made his debut here and went on to become a major Marathi stage and screen comedian, associated with deadpan dialogue.