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Kumari Penn

aka Kanne Pilla 1966 154’ b&w Tamil d Ramanna pc E.V.R. Pics lyr Kannadasan c G. Dora m M.S. Vishwanathan lp Jayalalitha, Ravichandran, Madhavi, S.V. RangaRao?

Early Jayalalitha and Ravichandran hit featuring her in body-hugging tights and sexy numbers like the train song Varushattai paru arubatthi aaru (sung by L.R. Ishwari). She plays Shyamala, whose rich but ailing grandfather (Ranga Rao) insists she marry before he dies. She passes off an illiterate shepherd (Ravichandran) as her chosen groom to keep the old man happy, but eventually marries the man. The Hindi film Manchali (1973) had a similar story.