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Kulakkatil Geevarghese George (b. 1945)

Malayalam director born in Tiruvalla, Kerala, into Syrian Christian family; son of a signboard painter. Graduate in political science from University of Kerala (1967). Diploma from FTII (1971), then for three years assistant to Kariat? (e.g. on Maya, 1972) contributing substantially to some documentaries credited to Kariat (e.g. Manavallakurchi:My Village, 1973). Films often use contemporary political or social issues as a pivot for thriller-like plots (e.g. Yavanika). Controversial film [[Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback]] (Lekha’s Death is a shorter version by c.40’) faced legal controversy for allegedly exploiting the suicide of actress Shobha. Commercially successful films also enjoy a large art-house following in Kerala. Produced the film Mahanagaram (Rajeev Kumar, 1992).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1971: Faces (Sh); Health in the Village (Doc); 1975: Swapnadanam; 1977: Vyamoham; 1978: Onappudava; Rappadigalude Gatha; Mannu; Ini Aval Urangatte; 1979: Ulkadal; 1980: Mela; Kolangal; 1982: Yavanika; 1983: Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback; Adaminte Variyellu; 1984: Panchavadippalam; 1985: Irakal; 1987: Kathakku Pinnil; 1988: Mattoral; Yathrayude Anthyam (TV); 1990: Ee Kanni Koodi.