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     1'''Kshana Kshanam''' 
     41991 158’ col/scope Telugu 
     5d/st/sc Ram Gopal Varma pc NRP Films 
     6p K.L. Narayana, Y. Lakshmana Choudhury 
     7dial Satyanand lyr Seetharama Sastry, 
     8Vennelakanti c S. Gopal Reddy 
     9m M.M. Keeravani 
     10lp Venkatesh, Sridevi, Paresh Rawal, Rami 
     11Reddy, Brahmanandam, Krishna Rao 
     14When the sexy working woman Satya (Sridevi) 
     15happens upon a clue to some hidden loot, she 
     16is targeted by a gang led by the villain Nayar 
     17(Rawal). Teaming up with a petty crook 
     18Chandu (Venkatesh), the pair are chased 
     19through the film by both the criminals and the 
     20police. This megabudget chase film opens with 
     21a suspenseful bank raid, moves to surreal forest 
     22scenes as the couple rough it beside a camp 
     23fire, and climaxes as the hero fights the 
     24gangsters atop a moving train. Director Varma 
     25shows himself able to assimilate recent 
     26Hollywood styles influenced by TV advertising 
     27and music clips (cf. John Badham’s Bird on a 
     28Wire, 1990). Most of the songs are inserted 
     29with no connection whatever to the plot, 
     30unusual even in a tradition noted for the 
     31autonomy of its song picturisations. Film critic 
     32Rajeev Velicheti (1992) used the film to identify 
     33a recent trend of consumerist cinema in AP 
     34calibrated on the linguistic-regional attitudes of 
     35a Hyderabad-based middle-class. The film was 
     36dubbed in Hindi as Hairaan.