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Krishna Dev Mehra (1907-95)

Punjabi/Hindi? filmmaker often considered the ‘father’ of the Punjabi cinema. Born in Sarsa (now Haryana). Early career in Punjab Film Corporation. Migrated to Calcutta (1933) where he was technical advisor and helped script Joymati (1935). Debut with Sheila (aka Pind Di Kudi), adapted from Tolstoy’s Resurrection, and the first major success in Punjabi. The film was supported by Madan Theatres, as was his second, Heer Syal, both featuring Nurjehan. Moved to Bombay after Partition, later working with B. R. Chopra’s

  1. R. Films.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1935: Sheila; 1938: Heer Syal; 1939: Surdas (?); 1940: Mera Punjab; 1944: Bhai; 1950: Posti.