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Krishan Chander (1914-77)

One of the main modern Urdu writers. Regarded, with Sadat Hasan Manto and Rajinder Singh Bedi, as the literary generation that revolutionised post-war fiction, esp. the short story. Author of c.30 short-story anthologies and 20 novels. Best-known early writing set in native Kashmir, often elaborating strong contrasts between social oppression and the fertility of surrounding nature (e.g. Tilism-e- Khayal). Short satire, Annadata, adopted multiple pov narrative to describe the 1943 Bengal famine and was an important source for Abbas’s Dharti Ke Lal (1946). His major novel, Jab Khet Jaage, situated in the 1949 Telangana peasant uprising, was adapted by Gautam Ghose’s Maabhoomi (1979). Employed in early 40s as dialogue writer at Shalimar Cinetone, Pune, along with other noted Hindi/Urdu? writers. Josh Malihabadi records their collective experiences there in his book Yaadon Ki Baraat (published in Pakistan). Also worked at Sagar. Wrote scripts and dialogue, e.g. for K.B. Lall and Kardar?. Adapted Minoo Masani’s Our India to the screen for Zils (Hindustan Hamara, 1950); also scripted his Zalzala (1952). Directed one film he didn’t write: Private Secretary (1962).