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aka Where is the Nest? aka In Whose Nest? 1983 150’(103’) col Malayalam d/sc/dial P. Padmarajan pc Prakash Movietone st Vasanthi lyr O.N.V. Kurup c Shaji N. Karun m Johnson lp Mammootty, Suhasini, Rehman, Jose Prakash, Prem Prakash, Sukumari, Rajani Menon

A story of ambition and resigned frustration set in Kerala’s old Syrian Christian community, a milieu unfamiliar to the noted Malayalam novelist, scenarist and director Padmarajan. Alice (Suhasini), who lives with her brother (P. Prakash), is a teacher at the reputable Ootacamund convent school. An MP, Xavier Puthooran (J. Prakash), sacrifices his wife and son for his career. The MP’s neglected and unruly son Ravi (Rahman in his debut role), is foisted upon the school and Alice manages to turn him into a prize student. Her boyfriend Capt. Thomas (Mammootty) feels intensely jealous of the attention Alice bestows upon Ravi. He kills the boy apparently by accident, but later surrenders to the police, leaving Alice frustrated in all aspects of her life.