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Kono Vanq

aka Whose Fault? 1929 St 12861 ft b&w d Kanjibhai Rathod pc Krishna Film stK.M. Munshi cGordhanbhai Patel lpGulab, Bapurao Apte

Based on a K.M. Munshi story, this typical transformation of a reform novel into a social substantially determined Rathod's authorial signature. It tells of Mani (Gulab), a child bride widowed aged eight and treated as a slave by her in-laws until she is cast out for bearing an illegitimate child. Her destitution is alleviated by a young lawyer, Muchkund, who nevertheless is forced to marry his father's choice, Kashi. Mani devotes herself to Muchkund, even sacrificing her own child, and finally marries the lawyer after Kashi's death. Gulab's performance made her a star.