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Klanta Aparanha

aka Tired Afternoon 1985 93’ col Oriya d/sc Manmohan Mahapatra pc Dynamic Studios st Nandlal Mahapatra c Ranajit Roy m Shantanu Mahapatra lp Sachidananda Rath, Kanak Panigrahi, Madhukar, Kishori Devi, Master Sushil

Two parallel tragic love stories continue Mahapatra’s bleak portrayal of rural Orissa. Two local schoolteachers, Niru and Sandhya, see their respective marriage proposals break down. Niru is the daughter of the poor landowner Adikanta, who mortgages his land to raise the dowry for his daughter’s marriage to an urban youth; however, the dowry offered is not enough. Sandhya loves Ashok who moves to the city, but she cannot move with him since her family depends on her income for its survival. The best moments are with Niru’s ancient grandmother (Kishori Devi), esp. in the film’s most spontaneous sequence when she is presented with a pair of spectacles.