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Kizhakku Seemayile

aka Kizhakku Seemai 1993 147’ col Tamil d/sc Bharthirajaa p Kalaipuli S. Dhanu c Kannan m A.R. Rehman lp Vijayakumar, Radhika, Napoleon, Vadivelu, Pandian

Incest theme in the tradition of Bhimsingh’s Pasamalar (1961). Siruvayi (Radhika) loves her brother Mayandidevan (Vijayakumar), and agrees to marry Sangilikuruppu (Napoleon) when her brother approves of the marriage. However Sangilikuruppu’s sister Jayakkodi commits suicide, and her widowed husband uses this to alienate Mayandidevan from Siruvayi. A generation later, the feud between brother and sister continues when Sangilikuruppu’s daughter is forbidden from marrying Mayandidevan’s son Chinnamuthu. When the two young people marry anyway, Sangilikuruppu tries to kill Mayandidevan, but Siruvayi takes the blow and dies, sacrificing herself for her brother. The brother, rather than the husband, claims her dead body.