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Kittur Chanamma/Rani? Chanamma

1961 187’ b&w Kannada/Tamil? d B.R. Panthulu pc Padmini Pics c W.R. Subba Rao, M. Karnan m T.G. Lingappa lp Rajkumar, B. Saroja Devi, M.V. Rajamma, Leelavathi, Balkrishna, Narasimhraju, Chindodi Leela

Panthulu’s big-budget historical about the legendary Queen Chanamma of Kittur (Saroja Devi in her best-known role) who led her people into battle against the British and eventually sacrificed her life. It features much palace intrigue as some Kittur royals invite the British to represent them; others, led by Chanamma, refuse to pay the British taxes. In the end the Kittur state is abolished.