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King Kong

1962 ?’ b&w Hindi d Babubhai Mistri pc Santosh Prod. s V. Pande, Madhur, Masterji dial M.R. Nawab lyr Majrooh Sultanpuri c Keki Mistry m Chitragupta lp Dara Singh, Kumkum, Chandrasekhar, Pravin Choudhury, Sheila Kashmiri, Kamal Mehra, Leela Mishra, Paul Sharma, Uma Dutt

Dara Singh’s best-known 60s stunt movie. King Kong is the title that King Hingoo bestows upon the strongest man in his kingdom. The reigning King Kong discovers a mysterious man (Singh) in a forest who appears to be stronger than he and who eventually defeats him. It emerges that the new King Kong is the son of the strong man deposed by Hingoo. The new prince is imprisoned but breaks out and defeats the entire palace.