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1992 160’ col Telugu d/s Fazil pc Jagapathi Art Pics. p V.B. Rajendra Prasad dial Jandhyala lyr Veturi Sundara Raramurthy c Anandakuttan m Ilaiyaraja lp Nagarjuna, Naghma, Annapurna, Shyamali, Sharada

The hero (Nagarjuna), orphaned when his mother is killed by local thugs, is raised by a nurse (Annapurna), but grows up into a loner and professional hitman with sophisticated weaponry, reflecting the character’s origins in the TV serial Streethawk (1985-6). Hired to assassinate a rich little heiress (Shyamali), he discovers that he is related to the heiress and to her guardian (Sharada) as well as to his evil client who is after their property. He eliminates the villains and also restores the fractured family. The film’s music proved popular, notably the hit Priya Priyatama Ragalu. Although appreciated for its technical qualities, the film was only moderately successful. Naghma, as the hero’s girlfriend, has a purely decorative role.