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     1Kidar Nath Sharma also Kedar Sharma (12 April 1910 - 29 April 1999), was an Indian film director, producer, Screenwriter, and Lyricist of Hindi films.[1] While he had great success as a director of such movies as Neel Kamal (1947), Bawre Nain (1950) and Jogan (1950), he is often most remembered for starting the acting careers of Bollywood greats Geeta Bali, Madhubala, Raj Kapoor, Mala Sinha, Bharat Bhushan and Tanuja. 
     3Inquilab (1935), Set Painter, Actor 
     4Dhoop Chhaon (1935), Actor, Assistant Manager 
     5Pujarin (1936), Actor 
     6Devdas (1936), Dialog and lyrics 
     7Vidyapati (1937), Actor 
     8Anath Ashram (1937), Writer 
     9Jawani Ki Reet (1939), Dialog 
     10Badi Didi (1939), Writer, Actor 
     11Zindagi (1940), Writer 
     12Tumhair Jeet (1940), Director 
     13Aulad (1940), Director 
     14Chitralekha (1941), Director 
     15Armaan (1942), Director 
     16Gauri (1942), Director 
     17Mumtaz Mahal (1944), Director 
     18Dhanna Bhagat (1945), Director 
     19Chand Chakori (1945), Director 
     20Duniya Ek Sarai (1946), Director 
     21Neel Kamal (1947), Writer, Director, Producer 
     22Sohag Raat (1948), Director 
     23Neki Aur Badi (1949), Director, Actor 
     24Bawre Nain (1950), Writer, Director, Producer 
     25Jogan (1950), Director 
     26Gunah (1953), Director 
     27Chora-Chori (1954), Director 
     28Hamari Yaad Aayegi (1961), Director 
     29Fariyad (1964), Director 
     30Chitralekha (1964), Director, Writer 
     31Kaajal (1965), Writer 
     32'''Children's Film Society of India Contributions''' 
     33Jaldeep (Light House) (1956), Writer, Director 
     34Ganga Ki Lahren (1957), Writer, Director 
     35Bachchon Se Bate (Talking To Children) (1957), Writer, Director 
     36Haria (1958), Writer 
     37Gulab Ka Phool (The Rose Among Flowers) (1958), Writer, Director 
     3826 January (India's Republic Day) (1959), Writer, Director 
     39Ekta (In Unison) (1959), Writer, Director 
     40Guru Bhakti (Devotion) (1959), Writer 
     41Panchtantra Ki Ek Kahani (A Story From The Panchantra) (1959), Writer 
     42Yatra (Journey) (1959), Writer 
     43Dilli Ki Kahani (The Story Of Delhi City) (1960), Writer 
     44Chetak (1960), Writer, Director 
     45Meera Ka Chitra (Portrait of Meera) (1960), Writer, Director 
     46Nyaya ( Justice) (1960), Camera 
     47Mahateerth (Great Pilgrimage) (1961), Writer, Director 
     48Khuda Hafiz (Goodbye) (1983), Writer, Director, Lyricist