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1983 157’ col Telugu d/sc A. Kodandarami Reddy pc Samyuktha Movies p K. Dhananjaya Reddy, K. Narasa Reddy, S. Sudhakara Reddy st/dial Parachuri Bros. lyr Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy, Rajashri c V.S.R. Swamy m Chakravarthy lp Chiranjeevi, Madhavi, Sumalatha, Ravu Gopala Rao, Nutan Prasad, P.L. Narayana, Ranganath, Sangeeta, Chalapathi Rao

Action thriller establishing Chiranjeevi as a megastar. Having been falsely accused of crime, he becomes a lone avenger. The poor Suryam (Chiranjeevi) falls for university colleague Madhu (Madhavi). In retaliation, Madhu’s father and village landlord Veerabhadraiah (Gopala Rao) auctions the house of Suryam’s father, the peasant Venkateshwarulu (Narayana). The landlord’s associate in villainy, the village munsiff (Prasad), kills Suryam’s sister and accuses Suryam of the deed. He is later tortured by the landlord. They also kill Dr Sujata (Sumalatha) when she offers shelter to the hero. The film begins with Suryam’s escape from the police after a spectacular fight and much of the story deals with his efforts to dodge arrest while getting at the bad guys. In the end he kills Veerabhadraiah and the munsiff before surrendering to the police.