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Keshavrao Dhaiber Marathi and Hindi director, cameraman and actor born in Kurukali, Kolhapur. After a brief military career as a Lancer and employment as a tax inspector, befriended Baburao Painter and joined Maharashtra Films as a technician in Painter’s Sinhagad (1923). Apprenticed to Damle, co-directed Shantaram’s directorial début Netaji Palkar (1927) and was cameraman for many Shantaram classics. Joined the breakaway Prabhat Film in 1929 as cameraman, e.g. Sinhagad, in which he also acted, and, also in 1933, a colour version of Sairandhri. His best-known Prabhat film is Rajput Ramani, although he remained the least successful of the studio’s regular film- makers. Married the actress Nalini Tarkhad and briefly had his own Jayshri Films (1935) before joining Minerva Movietone as a director (e.g. Akrava Avatar, Ulti Ganga) before rejoining Prabhat as production supervisor (1943-6). Then worked at Famous Studios (1946-7). Tried to start a new independent company at Lucknow, but the business soon collapsed. Made some documentaries, e.g. of the coronation of the Maharaja of Baroda (1940) and assignments for the Maharashtra and Gujarati state governments. Published an autobiography, Eka Zindagichi Patkatha (1967).

FILMOGRAPHY (* act only/ also act): 1925:Savkari Pash*; 1927: Netaji Palkar (co-d V. Shantaram); 1929: Baji Prabhu Deshpande*; 1930: Khooni Khanjar; Rani Saheba (co-d V. Shantaram); Udaykal (co-d V. Shantaram); 1931: Zulm (all St); 1933: Sinhagad*; 1936: Rajput Ramani; 1938: Nandakumar; 1939: Akrava Avatar; 1942: Ulti Ganga; 1943: Bhakta Raidas; 1949: Ahimsapath; 1958: Sudamyache Pohe.