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     1'''Keshavrao Date  (1889-1971)''' 
     4Major Marathi stage actor born in Adivare, Ratnagiri Dist., Maharashtra; one of the first practitioners of naturalist prose theatre at Maharashtra Natak Mandali (e.g. Agryahun Sutka and Bebandshahi) in an era dominated by Sangeet Natak musicals. Key participant, with writer-actor K. Narayan Kale and composer Keshavrao Bhole, of Natyamanwantar group’s production of Andhalyanchi Shala (1933), a pinnacle of Stanislavsky (and Ibsen/Shaw) inspired naturalism in Marathi theatre, prompting Shantaram to hire all three for Prabhat. Kale suggests that Date’s constant effort to reconcile reformist-social literature’s stereotypes with European theatrical styles inevitably led to the expressionist technique of fragmenting characters into certain gestures and a speaking style, construed as an ‘entry into the character’s mind’ (Kale, 1950). Best-known film work with Shantaram at Prabhat (e.g. the classic Kunku and Shejari) and Rajkamal (Dahej, Toofan Aur Diya), where his declamatory speech and gesture fitted Shantaram’s expressionist inclinations. Date’s style remains a characteristic of Shantaram’s influential variant of melodrama. Also directed some films at Rajkamal. Biography by V.V. Jog (1976). 
     7FILMOGRAPHY (* also d): 1934: Amritmanthan; 1936: Savkari Pash; 1937: Kunku/Duniya Na Mane; Pratibha; 1938: Umaji Naik; 1939: Sant Tulsidas; Adhuri Kahani; 1940: Chingari; Diwali; Holi; 1941: Shejari; 1942: Kisise Na Kehna*; 1944: Bhakticha Mala/Mali*; 1946: Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani; 1947: Andhon Ki Duniya*; 1948: Bhool; 1949: Apna Desh/Nam Naadu; 1950: Dahej; Jara Japoon; 1951: Kunkvacha Dhani; Sharada; 1953: Teen Batti Char Raasta; Maisaheb; Surang; 1955: Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje; 1956: Toofan Aur Diya; 1957: Do Aankhen Barah Haath; 1958: Mausi; 1959: Navrang; 1961: Stree; 1963: