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Kela Ishara Jata Jata

1965 157’ b&w Marathi d Anant Mane pc Chetana Chitra s Shankar Patil lyr Jagdish Khebudkar c Vasant Shinde m Ram Kadam lp Leela Gandhi, Arun Sarnaik, Usha Chavan, Barchi Bahadur, Ganpat Patil, Aminabai, Kamal Begadkar, Kamal Dunbale, Maya Jadhav, Kausalya Jadhav, Rajan Salvi

Marathi Tamasha musical by its best-known exponent, Mane (Sangtye Aika, 1959). It is a story about two dancing-girls, the sisters Bakul and Shevanti, who are given a break by drummer Ganpat (Sarnaik). Both sisters fall in love with their benefactor, which causes a split in the theatre group. Shevanti joins the rival Tamasha faction led by Sonbai, sharpening the already fierce competition between the two groups. Much of the film consists of Tamasha numbers, culminating in the long Sawal-Jawab (question and answer) contest where Bakul defeats Sonbai and then her own sister to claim her man.