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Kavalam Chundan

aka The Racing Boat aka Fisherman Chundan 1967 136’ b&w Malayalam d/st Sasikumar p V.P.M. Manikkam pc Bhagawathi Pics sc Thoppil Bhasi lyr Vyalar Rama Varma c U. Rajagopal, Benjamin m P. Devarajan lp Sathyan, Sharada, Aranmulla Ponnamma, P.J. Anthony, Pankajavally, S.P. Pillai, Adoor Bhasi, Manavalan Joseph, Joseph Chacko, Adoor Pankajam, Adoor Bhawani, Radha, Kadhija

Family melodrama set in one of the most spectacular festivals in Kerala, the traditional boat race during the festival of Onam (and a major tourist attraction). Kavalam Chundan is the name of a famous racing boat, the symbol of the village’s pride, strength and unity. Saraswathi Kunjamma (Ponnamma), a widow, owns the boat. Her son Chandran (Sathyan) loves his cousin, the woman traditionally destined to be his bride, Sharada (Sharada), but when his sister comes home pregnant the family is torn apart by disputes over succession and property rights, including the right to the racing boat. The drama involves the entire village, leading to gory scenes when Sharada’s jealous father gains the traditional secret of how the boat is made, after which the master carpenter kills his own son-in-law for having divulged the knowhow. In the end, Chandran’s rights are restored and he wins the race thereby also signalling the victory of traditional values, after which he dedicates the boat to the entire village.