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Kattathe Kilikoodu

aka Bird’s Nest in the Wind 1983 136’ col Malayalam d Bharathan pc Grihalakshmi Prod. st Nedumudi Venu sc T. Damodaran lyr Kavalam Narayana Panicker c Vasant Kumar m Johnson lp Gopi, Mohanlal, Srividya, Revathi, Lalitha, Shantakumari, Master Prashab, Baby Poonambili, Baby Anju, Baby Preetha, Krishna Swamy

Melodrama about the fears of young women’s sexuality (a recurrent Bharathan theme, cf. Rathi Nirvedham, 1978; Ormakkayi, 1982). A callous and immature teenage girl, Asha (Revathi), who sets out to turn a middle-aged professor’s (Gopi) head and nearly destroys his entire family. In the end, the girl marries the boy she wanted from the beginning, Unni (Mohanlal), the college’s athletics coach.