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Katha Sangama

1975 144’ b&w Kannada d/sc S.R. Puttana Kanagal pc Vardhini Art Pics st Giraddi Govindaraj, Veena Yelburgi, Eshwar Chandra dial Yoganarasimha lyr Vijayanarasimha c B.N. Haridas m Vijayabhaskar lp G.K. Govinda Rao, B. Saroja Devi, Arathi, Loknath, Manjula Rao, Kalyana Kumar, Leelavathi, Gangadhar, Rajnikant

Portmanteau film based on three short stories. Hangu is about a poor university professor presented with a bribe just when his son is ill and requires expensive medical treatment. The second episode, Atithi, tells of an old spinster who once refused to marry the man who loved her and now sees him marrying her student. The third, Munithayi, has a wealthy man marrying a blind girl (Arathi) out of pity, but in his absence she is raped by an adolescent youth and later blackmailed. The husband eventually ‘ forgives’ her for having been raped.