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  • Karuthamma

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     41994 153’ col/scope Tamil 
     5d/sc Bharthirajaa pc Vetrivel Art Creations 
     6st/dial M. Rathnakumar lyr Vairamuthu 
     7c B. Kannan m A.R. Rehman 
     8lp Raja, Rajashree, Periyadhasan, Maheshwari, 
     12Remarkable Bharthirajaa melodrama 
     13addressing the feudal practice of female 
     14infanticide in parts of Tamil Nadu. The school 
     15teacher Soosai secretly adopts the third 
     16daughter of the villager Mokkaiyan 
     17(Periyadhasan) when he learns that she is to 
     18die. The two elder daughters, Periyakanni and 
     19Karuthamma (Rajashree), grow up to a tragic 
     20fate. Periyakanni is unhappily married and sees 
     21her own daughter killed at birth. Karuthamma, 
     22however, gets her sister’s evil husband arrested 
     23for the act, supported by the progressive 
     24veterinarian Stephen (Raja). In the end, when 
     25the evil husband is released from jail, 
     26Karuthamma kills him. A second plot has 
     27Karuthamma fall in love with Stephen to the 
     28envy of his urban girlfriend Rosy (Maheshwari), 
     29who eventually turns out to be the surviving 
     30third sister of Karuthamma. The film’s opening 
     31sets the tone as an ancient nurse sings a lullaby 
     32in a cracked voice, preparing to feed poisoned 
     33cactus milk to girls who have to die. The 
     34director, enhancing his selfmade image of 
     35social reformer, introduces the film. 
     36Nevertheless, he occasionally achieves 
     37surprisingly tragic, primitive realism, 
     38strengthened by Rehman’s extraordinary song 
     39Porale ponnu thayi.