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Kartick Chattopadhyay (1912-89)

Bengali-Hindi director best known for late 40s New Theatres films e.g. Mahaprasthaner Pathey?. Début with Rural Life in Bengal. First feature, Ramer Sumati, based on Saratchandra Chattopadhyay’s story; launched K.C. Prod. (1954) with Arun Choudhury’s Ladies’ Seat. His Saheb Bibi Golam, adapted from Bimal Mitra’s novel and starring Uttam Kumar was later re-adapted by Guru Dutt.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1947: Rural Life in Bengal (Doc); Ramer Sumati/Chhota? Bhai; 1952: Mahaprasthaner Pathey/Yatrik?; 1953: Bana Hansi; 1955: Godhuli; 1956: Saheb Bibi Golam; Chore; 1957: Neelachaley Mahaprabhu; Chandranath; 1959: Jal-Jangal; 1965: Gulmohar.