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1948 138’ b&w Gujarati d/sc/dial Chaturbhuj Doshi pc Sagar Movietone p Chimanlal Desai st based on Shaida’s novel Vanzari Vaav lyr Chaitanya, Nandkumar Pathak c Adi Irani, Jayant Dadawala m Ajit Merchant lp Dina Sanghvi, Dhulia, Shobha, Mulchand Khichdi

Ruralist mythological and complicated love story featuring numerous symbolic references with evident sexual overtones. The village girl Raju (Sanghvi) accepts the challenge of putting her hand inside a pot containing a poisonous cobra which would win her the right to install an idol into a temple. The snake falls for the girl and promises to withdraw to a banyan tree from where it can protect her. Raju loves the gypsy Madhav to the envy of her neighbour, the evil Veera. The snake duly bites Madhav, but then sucks back its poison on the condition that a well would be dug in the village. The well however turns out to be dry, and the village, in the grip of drought, is urged by Veera to demand that Raju and Madhav sacrifice themselves in an exorcism that would solve the villagers’ problems. The story then introduces another woman, Champa, who volunteers to marry Veera and then further offers to commit suicide. As Champa and Veera are beheaded, the well waters rise. Remembered mainly as the screen debut of noted stage actress Dina Sanghvi, better known as Dina Pathak.