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Karimuddin Asif (1924-71)

Urdu director born in Etawah, UP. Best known for expensive costume spectaculars centred around Muslim legend (cf. S. Modi?). Assistant to uncle film-maker and actor, S. Nazir (Society, 1942). Turned director in 1944 and producer in 1951 with S.K. Ojha’s Hulchul. Mughal-e- Azam?, one of Indian cinema’s biggest blockbusters, took 9 years to make, initially starring Chandramohan, who died and was replaced by Dilip Kumar. Left two big projects unfinished at his death: Sasta Khoon Mehnga Paani (1970, which was to be shot in Jordan), and Love and God, using the Sufi legend of Laila-Majnu, started with Guru Dutt but entirely re-shot after Dutt died. Eventually released in unfinished form by producer K.C. Bokadia, starring Sanjeev Kumar.