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    44Prodigious Tamil poet, lyricist (over 5000 film 
    55songs) and producer. Key figure in the early 
    6 DMK Film propaganda genre, often credited 
     6[[DMK Film]] propaganda genre, often credited 
    77with reintroducing a classical Tamil literary 
    88‘tradition’ to contemporary film audiences. 
    1313Mullai and the film journal Tenral Tirai; also 
    1414edited the monthly Kannadasan and 
    15 newspaper Katitam. Joined Modern Theatres 
     15newspaper Katitam. Joined [[Modern Theatres]] 
    1616story department (1947). Début as lyricist for 
    17 Ramnoth’s Kanniyin Kathali (1949) but 
     17[[Ramnoth]]’s Kanniyin Kathali (1949) but 
    1818worked mainly as a dialogue writer until G.R. 
    1919Rao’s Illara Jyothi (1954). Joined the DMK 
    2020(1947-64); responsible for some of their main 
    21 propaganda lyrics in e.g. N.S. Krishnan’s 
    22 Panam (1952), T.R. Sundaram’s Thirumbi 
    23 Paar (1953) and Yoganand’s MGR classic 
    24 Madurai Veeran (1956). Founded 
     21propaganda lyrics in e.g. [[N.S. Krishnan]]’s 
     22Panam (1952), [[T.R. Sundaram]]’s Thirumbi 
     23Paar (1953) and [[Yoganand]]’s [[MGR]] classic 
     24[[Madurai Veeran]] (1956). Founded 
    2525Kannadasan Pics producing Malai Itta Mangai 
    26 (1958), Sivagangai Seemai (1959), Kavalai 
     26(1958), [[Sivagangai Seemai]] (1959), Kavalai 
    2727Illatha Manithan (1960), Vanambadi (1963), 
    2828etc. Became an independent star attraction 
    29 after his successful lyrics in Bhimsingh’s early 
     29after his successful lyrics in [[Bhimsingh]]’s early 
    3030films, usually set to music by the 
    3131Vishwanathan-Ramamurthy team (e.g. Ponal 
    3737structure. Kannadasan later became a member 
    3838of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee. One of 
    39 his last films is Balu Mahendra’s Moondram 
     39his last films is [[Balu Mahendra]]’s [[Moondram]] 
    4040Pirai (1982). Other writings include 21 novels, 
    414110 volumes of religious discourses and over