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Kandam Bacha Coat

aka The Patched-up Coat 1961 156’ col Malayalam d/p T.R. Sundaram pc Modern Theatres st T. Mohammed Yusuf’s novel sc K.T. Mohammed lyr P. Bhaskaran c T.M. Sundarababu m Baburaj lp T.S. Muthaiah, Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, Prem Nawaz, Ambika, Pankajavalli, Aranmulla Ponnamma, S.P. Pillai, P.K. Bahadur, Kothamangalam Sadanandan, Nellikode Bhaskaran, Kottayam Chellappan, Muttatha Soman, Chandni, Aisha, Omana

The kind-hearted Muslim cobbler Mohammed Kaka saved his life’s earnings in the pockets of his ancient coat to fulfil his dream of going to Mecca. He offers shelter to Kunjubibi when her scheduled marriage to Ummar breaks down following a dowry dispute. Arranging the marriage of the lovers, he offers his life’s savings as a dowry, an act that causes the evil parents of the couple to have a change of heart. Made at the Modern Theatres, Salem, the film was known mainly as the first colour feature in Malayalam.