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    55Telugu and briefly in Hindi cinemas. Born in 
    66Paramakudi near Madurai Dist., TN. Joined 
    7 films aged 6 in Bhimsingh’s Tamil films 
     7films aged 6 in [[Bhimsingh]]’s Tamil films 
    88(Kalathur Kannamma, Parthal Pasi Theerum) 
    9 and in Sethumadhavan’s Malayalam Kannum 
    10 Karalum. Rediscovered as an adult by K. 
    11 Balachander (Arangetram), featuring 
     9and in [[Sethumadhavan]]’s Malayalam Kannum 
     10Karalum. Rediscovered as an adult by  
     11[[K. Balachander]] (Arangetram), featuring 
    1212regularly in the director’s 70s films, in his 
    13 Telugu hit Maro Charithra, and in its equally 
     13Telugu hit [[Maro Charithra]], and in its equally 
    1414successful Hindi remake (Kamalahasan’s Hindi 
    1515début) Ek Duuje Ke Liye. Tried to shift to Hindi 
    1616cinema, playing the Chaplinesque hero in 
    17 Ramesh Sippy’s love triangle Sagar, but was 
    18 not successful. Acted in some of I.V. Sasi’s 
     17[[Ramesh Sippy]]’s love triangle Sagar, but was 
     18not successful. Acted in some of [[I.V. Sasi]]’s 
    1919Malayalam films but broke away from his 
    20 established image in K. Vishwanath’s Sagara 
    21 Sangamam, astounding viewers with his 
     20established image in [[K. Vishwanath]]’s  
     21[[Sagara Sangamam]], astounding viewers with his 
    2222dancing skills in the difficult Bharat Natyam 
    2323style (he was trained as a dancer by K.J. Sarasa 
    2828Since then performed, like De Niro, major 
    2929physical transformations (e.g. the dwarf in 
    30 Apoorva Sahodarargal), combining a light 
     30[[Apoorva Sahodarargal]]), combining a light 
    3131‘heroic’ style with a heavier naturalism for older 
    3232characters. Started his own production unit