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Kalvanin Kadhali

1955 190’ b&w Tamil d V.S. Raghavan p Revathi Prod. sc Kalki from his novel dial S.D. Sundaram m Govindrajulu Naidu, Ghantasala lp Sivaji Ganesan, K. Sarangapani, T.R. Ramachandran, T.S. Dorairaj, P. Bhanumathi, Kushala Kumari, K.R. Selvan

Muthayyan (Sivaji) is torn between his love for two women: he is determined not to marry before his beloved sister Abirami (Kuchalakumari), but unless he agrees to elope with his lover Kalyani (Bhanumati), she is due to marry an old man. The hero’s devotion to his sister wins out and the two leave town, Muthayyan going to work for Karwar Sangapillai (Dorairaj) who begins to lust after Abirami. As for Kalyani, she has no option but to marry the old man, which she does with a marked lack of enthusiasm for her marital obligations, causing her aged husband to become very suspicious. The old man nevertheless agrees to dissolve the marriage in exchange for a father-daughter relationship and Abirami gratefully nurses the old man until he dies. When Sangapillai is caught by the hero trying to rape Abirami, he defends himself by accusing Muthayyan of theft and having him jailed. A gypsy helps him to escape and he turns into a burglar. When Kalyani catches the hero in the exercise of his new profession, the former lovers seek to rekindle their affair, but then Muthayyam is shot dead by the police, after which Kalyani shoots herself so that her body falls on the corpse of her lover.