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aka Kollol aka The Wave 1978 94’ b&w Assamese d/s Atul Bordoloi pc Gati Chitra lyr/m Rudra Barua c Nalin Duara lp Chandra N. Barua, Lachit Phukan, Bishnu Khargharia, Bina Saikia, Muhidhar Gohain, Ranen Saha, Bharat Rajkhowa, Pratima Mahanta, Moihuddin Ahmed

Revolutionary, symbol-laden film about class conflict in a feudal fishing community. When the fishermen fail to capture a giant shark, the local landlord Anangaprasad Choudhury (Barua), who claims most of the fishermen’s catch for himself, is enraged, esp. when a defiant youth, Mani (Phukan), sets out to catch the fish by himself. Eventually the youth leads a rebellion against the landlord. The wordy film was playwright Bordoloi’s first independent movie.