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     1'''Kala Nag''' 
     3aka Kalyug Ki Sati aka Triumph ofjustice 1924 St 8200 ft b&w 
     4dKanjibhai Rathod pc Kohinoor Film s Mohanlal G. Dave c Gajanan S. Devare, D.O. Dabke 
     5lp Sultana, Homi Master, Ibrahim, Moti, Savita, Tara, Behram Vasania, R.N. Vaidya, Fatma Begum, Khalil 
     7There is some debate about whether this film was made by Rathod or by Homi Master, its male star. It claimed realist intent, mainly for its thinly veiled allusions to a major scandal in Bombay known as the Champsi-Haridas murder case. Vihari, the son of a rich mill owner, falls into the clutches of crooks led by Kalidas, aka the Black Cobra, who also has designs on Nirmala, Vihari's wife. The Bombay Chronicle (5 January 1924) advertised the film as a 'thrilling plot revealing various styles of treacherous fraud of the modern civilisation and dreadful assassination for the ardent desire of wealth or passions and rape and ravishment by atrocious villains'.