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  • Kahini

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     21995 105’ col Bengali 
     3d/p/co-st Malay Bhattacharya pc Movie Mill 
     4co-p Chandramala Bhattacharya co-sc Shyamal 
     5c Sunny Joseph m Debajyoti Mishra 
     6lp Dhritiman Chatterjee, Debesh Roy 
     7Choudhury, Debashish Goswami, Robi 
     8Ghosh, Anuradha Ghatak, Suranjana 
     9Dasgupta, Soumomoy Bakshi, Neelkantha 
     13Innovative debut feature by the TV producer 
     14and designer Bhattacharya in the tradition of 
     15Chakraborty’s Kaal Abhirati (1989) and 
     16Vishwanathan’s Sunya Theke Suru (1993). 
     17The story, told with a very sparse soundtrack, 
     18revolves around three characters, a kind of 
     19intellectual (Chatterjee), a taxi driver and a 
     20billboard painter, who drug and kidnap a child 
     21(hanging on to a notion of childhood) and set 
     22out for the countryside in their blue 
     23Ambassador car, initiating India’s first explicit 
     24attempt at a road movie. The genre’s obligatory 
     25quota of ‘strange encounters’ demarcate two 
     26major sequences: a villager who has poisoned 
     27his entire family and is caught before he can 
     28commit suicide, and the monologue of a petrol 
     29station attendant. The kidnappers shelter in an 
     30old house where they unsuccessfully try to 
     31revive the unconscious infant, which dies, 
     32causing the trio to disintegrate. A parallel 
     33theme deals with a peasant family blissfully 
     34optimistic about finding a cure for their 
     35crippled son. The film ends with the acrobatic 
     36rehearsals, in the rain, of a travelling circus 
     37group introduced earlier as a kind of choral