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Kadalikka Neramillai

1964 159’ col Tamil d/p/co-sc C.V. Sridhar pc Chithrasala co-sc Gopu c A.Vincent lyr Kannadasan m Vishwanathan-Ramamurthy lp Ravichandran, Kanchana, Muthuraman, Rajashri, T.S. Balaiah, Nagesh, Kumari Sachu, V.S. Raghavan

A very successful romantic comedy. The schoolteacher’s son Ashok (Ravichandran) comes to Ooty to manage Vishwanathan’s (Baliah) estate, but falls foul of the man’s daughters Nimmi (Rajshri) and Kanchana (Kanchana), who get him sacked. Angry, Ashok pitches his tent in front of Vishwanathan’s house and demands his job back. However, he falls in love with Nimmi and enlists the help of a rich friend, Mohan (Muthuraman), to fool Vishwanathan into agreeing to the wedding. Actually, Mohan is Kanchana’s lover, and when the trickery is eventually discovered, all nevertheless ends happily.