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1966 165’ b&w Oriya d/sc Siddharth p Parbati Ghosh st Kanhucharan Mohanty c Deojibhai, Bijoy De m Shrikumar lp Guruprasad, Chandana, Geeta, Manimala, Sarat Pujari, Byomkesh, Sudhangsu

Oriya melodrama based on Mohanty’s popular fiction. According to some sources, the film was pseudonymously directed by Ramchandra Thakur. Nandika, childless after eight years of marriage, persuades her husband Sunanda to remarry. Both Nandika and the second wife Lalita are unhappy though superficially affectionate. After Lalita and Sunanda move to the city, Nandika finds herself pregnant and follows them. The tensions are resolved when Nandika dies in childbirth. This is the first production of Parbati Ghosh, actress and director (Chamana Atha Guntha, 1986) and known for producing, with husband Gauraprasad Ghosh, quality Oriya cinema (cf. Nitai Palit’s Bhai Bhai, 1956; Sharada Prasanna Nayak’s Lakhmi, 1962).