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Ashwathamma, K. (1910-44) Star Kannada and Tamil actress-singer with brief but sensational film career. Launched on the stage (1934) and in film (1935) in title role Of Gubbi Veerana's Sadarame, both with Jayamma? as Draupadi. Adult stage career began with Mohamad Peter's Manolasini Nataka Sabha, which led to her career as a recording star and her biggest single hit Priya prashanta hridaya (from the play Manmatha Vijaya). Her songs in Sadarame and her duets with Thayagaraja Bhagatavar? in Y V Rao's Chintamani confirmed her as a south indian film and recording star, although she did only one film, Sundarrao Nadkarni's Sant Sakubai